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MAGASTRA for gastric disorders in horses, mucous membrane protection

MAGASTRA for gastric disorders in horses, mucous membrane protection

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Stomach problems!?
Signs can include: shaggy, dry fur, frequent flehming or cribbing, chewing dry, sensitive when girthing, loss of performance, unexplained refusal to jump, skinny despite sufficient basic feed, watery stools, mild colic, bad breath. Magastra contains a high proportion of stomach-friendly ingredients that can promote the natural protective mechanism of the stomach lining. The pectin-lecithin complex can support the protective layer in the stomach through its mucous effect. The contained lithothamnium calcareum is known to be able to neutralize excess stomach acid. Selected herbs such as caraway, fennel and chamomile can have antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, calming and digestive effects. The immune system can be strengthened by using mannan oligosaccharides and ß-glucans. They are said to have a high binding power for pathogens/toxins in the intestinal flora.

In case of abnormalities in the area of ​​gastrointestinal health. MAGASTRA can be fed as a preventative measure to protect the stomach in stressful situations and to restore and maintain the horse's well-being and performance. TOP proven pre- and post-care product.
Stomach mucosa protection in powder form. Add to the manger feed or warm mash.


200 - 400 kg horse = 20 - 40 g / day
400 - 600 kg horse = 45 - 70 g / day


Components and contents:
| Crude protein: | 10.60%
| Crude fat: | 3.00%
| Crude fiber: | 21.20%
| Crude ash: | 24.40%
| Calcium: | 6.00%
| Sodium: | 0.35%
| Magnesium: | 0.60%
Technological additives:
| Lecithins | 1c322 | 20,000.00 mcg
| Locust bean gum (Carobin) | E410 | 40,000.00 mcg
Ground herbs (fennel, caraway, chamomile, marshmallow root), apple pectin, carbonic acid algae (Lithothamnium calcareum), yeasts and parts of yeasts (contains MOS), carob meal, black cumin.

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